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CellPay Launches Payment Service
August 3, 2019: Cellcom Pvt Ltd, an NRB licensed payment service provider, has started the operation from July 31.
Cellpay can easily be operated with its mobile and web application without any E-wallet and provides services of payments and fund transfers from one’s bank account. The payments done through Celllpay are made in ‘real time’.
When any of the customer requests for payment service, then immediately the amount from their bank account is deducted as per the instruction and transferred to the bank account of the person to whom the customer has requested to pay the amount. In this way, Cellpay provides payment services without any E-wallet.
Cellpay has been developed considering various international security standards to make the overall system trusted and reliable.
Cellcom can be used as a payment service provider for Telecom services, electricity, drinking water, TV, Internet, shopping and restaurants, payments for movie tickets, fund transfer from one bank to another, domestic remittance, and other services.
Cellpay app is available in both Google Playstore and Apple’s Appstore.
The company claimed that the charges applicable for the service provided by Cellpay is minimal than any other payment service providers.

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