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Nabil Bank Announces inception of Nabil Digi Bank
July 13, 2020: Nabil Bank announces the establishment of ‘Nabil Digi Bank’.  This announcement was made on the auspicious occasion of the Bank’s 36th Anniversary amidst a virtual meet today. Nabil Digi Bank, a bank within a bank, has been set up to transform the bank into a fully digital bank. The aim of Nabil Digi Bank is to meet the need and expectation of customers to enjoy banking services at the time, place, and device chosen by them. 
During the Digi Bank launching ceremony the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anil Shah, stated that the establishment of Nabil Digi Bank was a reflection of the Bank’s commitment to its mission to provide complete financial solutions to the Nepalese market, with singular focus on customer needs and aspirations while creating the best in class customer experiences. He informed that the Bank had started its Business Transformation process with a comprehensive digital strategy at the core. The aim is to develop our ability to enable the Bank to use digital solutions to touch the lives of all our customers. He announced that the Bank had already implemented several strategic initiatives. A few months ago, Nabil Bank signed a strategic cooperation MoU with ICICI Bank (India), for exchange of best banking practices. Similarly, Nabil has recently signed a MoU with  Huawei Technologies, a global ICT leader to support the bank’s digital transformation.
As a pre-requisite to digitally enabled Business Transformation, Mr. Shah expressed his joy to introduce ‘Nabil Digi Bank’, as a permanent structure in the Bank’s Organogram, headed by Mr. Binaya Regmi, Chief Nabil Digi Bank. He stated his confidence that this was the first step towards bringing about a digital revolution in the Nepalese financial sector. While he maintained that digital initiatives like mobile banking or internet banking were already enriching the lives of millions of Nepalese at some level, the Nabil Digi Bank would henceforth break all barriers of conventional banking,  implement digital strategies and programs in close collaboration with Customers, FinTechs and other stakeholders to develop a digital ecosystem to deliver a superior banking experiences for its customers, and in the process move towards making Nabil Bank, a truly digital Bank.
Speaking as a special guest to the event, Mr. Deng Shuigen, CEO of Huawei Technologies Nepal, congratulated Nabil Bank on its anniversary and believed Huawei would be able to assist in accelerating the Bank’s Digital Transformation through its global experience in ICT Industry.
Mr. Binaya Kumar Regmi, Chief of Nabil Digi Bank, presented the charter of Nabil Digi Bank and elaborated on how Nabil Digi Bank would empower and enrich the customer journey as well as enhance the productivity and efficiency of Team Nabil. 
Ms. Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal and a social activist, congratulated Nabil Bank on having initiated an organization wide change focused on delivering the aspirations of 21st century customers and hoped the customers would now be able to experience a different level of banking and financial services in days to come.
Mr. Anmol K.C., celebrated actor, present in the program, highlighted the need for banks to leverage on digital technologies focusing on the needs of Millennials and tech friendly customers, and also educate others to benefit from the digital financial services.
Mr. Niraj Sharma, Head of Digital Banking, clarified the queries raised during the interaction and thanked all the participants for their valuable time. He stated that Nabil Bank is open to ideas and feedback from all its stakeholders as it starts its digital transformation journey.

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