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Download Ncell App Sansar and get your favourite Nepali apps for free.

Download your favourite Nepali apps for free

Ncell, country’s leading mobile service provider has launched a mobile app marketplace - Ncell App Sansar - through which Ncell customers can now readily access and freely download commonly used Nepali mobile apps from single window.
Ncell App Sansar is a common platform wherein Nepali developers have hosted their popular apps. Ncell subscribers can check and download those apps by clicking and following the steps mentioned therein.
Ncell App Sansar at present features more than 25 popular Nepali apps under nine different categories - Agriculture, Business, Education, Tourism, Entertainment, News Social Media, Utility and Others.
The popular Nepali apps presently featured includes HamroPatro, Nabil M- Bank, Hamrobazar, Kinmel, ekantipur among others. It also has apps developed during Ncell App Camp 2014 like IFA Krishi, Yellow Nepal, MeroAnswer, Agri Tech and Care Crop.
The mobile app marketplace has been launched as a part of commitment made during Ncell App Camp 2014. “Mobile app marketplaces are important tools for marketing and monetization, hence, give boost to the development of mobile app industry. We believe Ncell App Sansar will serve this purpose and contribute to the development of mobile app industry in the country,” said Erim Taylanlar, CEO of Ncell.
All Nepali mobile app developers can host, position and create visibility of their apps in Ncell App Sansar for free. This has been done with an aim to free developers from hassles and financial burden they otherwise face while distributing their products through international marketplaces.
Ncell App Sansaris accessible to all customers from September 25onwards. Ncell has made download of apps in the store free for all Ncell customers. However, if using the app (after downloading on handset) requires data, normal data charges will be applicable upon such usage.
Currently, apps in Ncell App Sansar has been made available only for android users. The store will make apps available for iOS and windows very soon.

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