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Ghodejatra - festival of horses

Ghodejatra is one of the most exciting festivals of the Kathmandu city. It is also known as the festival of horses. It is originally a Newari festival. It is celebrated by feasting with family and friends. It is celebrated by worshipping Hindu Goddess Bhadrakali and Kankeswari.

According to the legend a demon named Tundi who lived on a meadow, which is now at Tundikhel, used to terrorize Kathmandu denizens. After his death people rejoiced by dancing on his body by riding horses. There is a belief that the parade of horses at Tundikhel keeps the demon’s spirit away. The faster the horses run, the better Tundi’s spirit is dispelled.

As per another legend, the Ghode Jatra is held to mark the start of New Year.

On the day, the Nepali Army cavalry team performs different artistic stunts riding on their horses.

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