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Crowd Funding Interaction Held in Kathmandu

August 3, 2016: Nepal Entrepreneurs Hub (NEHUB) has organised a crowd funding discussion program in Kathmandu on August 2.The interactive discussion was based on exploring potential and possibilities of crowd funding in Nepal. Hong Sim Kwek Founder of Crowd Funding Asia, Mark Sears Founder of Cloud Factory and Saroj K. Gautam an advocate for Supreme Court of Nepal were the main speakers in the program .The program was operated by the Suman Shakya, a Co-Founder of Nepal Entrepreneurs Hub.

During the program, the speakers informed that crowd funding is an effective way of raising funds as the entrepreneurs and institutions are searching for various sources of funding in order to implement their plans.  

Usually, people collect huge funds from their personal network for establishing their business. Based on this, people also can collect huge funds from global network through the internet. Therefore, the program was focused on possibilities of crowd funding in Nepal. The program also discussed problems and solutions related with implementation of crowd funding in the country.



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