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Udhyami Seed Camp for Startups Kicks Off

April 21, 2017: Udhyami Seed Camp, a five day long entrepreneurial workshop for startup has begun from April 21.  The seed camp organised by STARTUPS Nepal and sponsored by Honda Dio, has the participation of 15 startups. "Through this boot camp we aim to support the entrepreneurs with innovative and impactful ideas through mentoring, coaching, learning activities and experience sharing from senior entrepreneurs and industry experts," shared Kavi Raj Joshi, Co-founder of STARTUPS Nepal.

The five days event will have further two months personalised follow-up mentoring for the founders.  During the two months, the entrepreneurs can get free working space and get to connect with the mentors anytime they need to. Among the participants, most of the founders are at the earliest phase of their business and as the theme of the programme 'Women Focused Edition'; the startups have at least one female founder in each venture. "Most of our mentors are the ones who have faced the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship and we believe their experiences will inspire the starters to delve into and enjoy their journey of entrepreneurship," said Joshi, speaking at the event. He further said that the seed fund will help the participants to connect with the aspiring entrepreneurs and also find strategic seed investors among the coaches themselves.



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