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Nava Udhyamshala -  turn your business ideas into reality

July 28, 2017: Nava Udhyamshala is a one month long intensive course which helps you in establishing your business ideas into reality (Regardless of your current engagement).
Nava Udhyamshala is a significant opportunity and a wonderful platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering establishing or executing a business venture and aiming for its growth and development.

For someone with just an idea this can be an ideal platform to actually turn your business ideas into reality.

Please go through the link below for more details about the application:

Date & Time: 7 August – 1 September, every Monday through Friday from 7 – 9 AM
Cost: Rs. 8000/- (Early Bird, before 31st july), Rs. 10000/- (After 31st July)
Venue: Antarprerana Office, Dillibazar, Kathmandu

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