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WorldLink SafeNet
August 22, 2017: Keeping your family cyber secure is a necessary priority in today's digital world. But before you can protect yourself against it, it's important to understand exactly what cyber risk is. 
SafeNet is worldlink's parental control solution for child safety and attempt to make the internet safe and secure for children. It allows parental control what internet content is accessible over Worldlink broadband connection. Safenet allows our users to select which category of content they wish to restrict and at what timings.
Features of SafeNet:
  • Take advantage of SafeNet's parental controls and keep your child safe.
  • Block websites that could infect your or expose for device for hacking.
  • Filter advertisements in real time while browsing websites.
  • Completely restrict adult content at all times.
  • Restrict access to social media and youtube during office hours.

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