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Fulpati is celebrated throughout the country by taking the Fulpati into the homes as per the tradition. 
As a part of the religious and cultural celebration, Fulpati, an assortment of flowers, leaves and fruits of different plants considered auspicious, is anointed at the Dashainghar in Hanuman Dhoka in Basantapur of Kathmandu on the seventh day of the festivity. 
The tradition is that the Fulpati is carried by six men belonging to Magar indigenous nationality from Gorkha Durbar in Gorkha district up to Jivanpur in Dhading. Six other men from the Brahman community from Kathmandu who travel to Jivanpur then carry it to Kathmandu. 
This tradition began during the rule of King Prithvi Narayan Shah after he took over Kathmandu during his unification campaign. 
Fulpati thereafter has been brought to Jamal of Kathmandu from Gorkha on a decorated palanquin. 
The Gurujyuko Platoon, the Nepal Army, Nepal police, and high- ranking officials of Armed Police and civil service, the Asha Gurja team, band music, panchebaja bands and decorated kalsyoulis, and a procession along with cultural pageantry leave Hanuman Dhoka for Jamal for receiving the Fulpati. 
Though Dashain festival begins from Ghatasthapana,the festival sees special fervor from the day of Fulpati. 
The government as well as private offices close down from today for the Dashain holidays encouraging people to go back to their respective ancestral homes and take blessings from Durga Bhawani as well as their elders.
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