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Nepal-Bhutan Startup Summit 2018
December 14, 2017: Nepal-Bhutan Startup Summit 2018 is a unique Startup event organised by ESOS, Nepal and Chatur Ideas MUMBAI. The event will be held from 
January 27, 2018 to January 29, 2018.
There will be
✓ Business Plan Competition
✓ Investor meet
✓ Mentorship Sessions
✓ Cultural Exchange
✓ Entertainment and Tour 
✓ Prestige Talks 
✓ International Standard
The motive behind the event is to create an ecosystem of startups between the two neighbouring countries.
There will be exchange of ideas, expertise, partnership, opportunities, work together and business development. 
The three day event will have one day conference, ESOS PRESTIGE TALKS EPISODE 5 and Collaborative session. 
Benefits for you at the summit:
1. One to One Session with Mentors at the "Mentor Hour" . Here you you can solve upto 3 Challenges faced by you in your startup.
2. Reverse Pitch session: in this session Investors will tell startups what exactly they look in their ventures.
3. Pitch Session: there will be seed investors, angel investors and Venture catalysts.
4. Collaboration: this is the most wonderful session wherein the jury will screen the startups and will match a startup with whom you can collaborate.
5. Business plan competition 
The entire days of the summit will be 3 days, for the startup summit, Prestige talks and rest for the exploring the city.
Commercials: Rs 1000/- for a ticket per person to summit.
Startups from Nepal who are interested in event have to register in office of ESOS Global.
For further information email or contact on given phone number. 
phone: +9779851202944

Chandan sunar writes

Dear administrator We are working on android project. Basically its about buying and selling of products with their best deal. Its like olx app. Could you please suggest me how can we go on with this. Thanking you Chandan sunar Jhapa,Nepal


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