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First phase of Dabur School Immuno Champ 2017 completed

December 29: The first phase of nationwide school activation program instigated by Dabur Nepal has concluded.

Under this program titled “Dabur School Immuno Champ 2017”, the company reached to 86 schools across Nepal and took height and weight of individual students to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI), while also observing the cleanliness and drinking water facility of each school.

Dabur Nepal largely focuses on health and hygiene of individuals. Since it is winter time and it has been seen that the immunity of younger people, mostly till grade 8, suffer from common maladies during this time 

This program is an excellent way to keep a track of individual growth and development of young students. This program not only helps get information about their BMI, but also spreads a positive message towards immunity. 


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