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Nepal Lipi - Type Newa with Nepal Bhasa Stickers
Nepal Lipi app converts the text typed in Nepali Devanagari into Nepal Lipi - Newa script. With this app, we can type Newa texts in Nepal Lipi and share in social media or send in messages as image. You can share Newa status in Facebook and other media. You could also create memes, quotes or create Newa tutorials. You can also create various types of Newa stickers and greetings and send to friends. The app converts the text typed in Nepali Devanagari into Nepal Lipi - Newa script. One should have any Nepali Devanagari keyboard installed to type. If you don’t have nepali keyboard, Hamro Nepali Keyboard is recommended.
  • Newa Typing Output in Nepal Lipi and share as image in social media
  • Create Newari Stickers and add your own texts.
  • Add your own image, change background, change colors, adjust texts.
  • Nepal Lipi Video Tutorials
  • Learn Nepal Bhasa Blog (Newari)
  • Create Greetings, profile pic with customization.
  • Easy to write Name, Words, Text on Beautiful Backgrounds in Newari text.
  • Add Text on Photo 
  • Add Stickers on photo
  • Write Newa / English Text, Quotes and Poetry
  • Design your own sticker and add on photos, create various design with Newa texts
  • Write your name or friends name in Nepal Lipi - Nepal script (newari texts)
  • Use your photo as profile picture. Save and share with Nepal Lipi
  • Join Newa Community
Newa Stickers:
  1. Bauchaomaicha.
  2. YomhaBhaju
  3. BhajuMayaju
  4. Maicha wo Baucha
  5. Intu Mintu Nepal
  6. Newa Stickers

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