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Sikhar Winter Sale Mela Offers 70% discount

January 15, 2018:  Shikhar Shoes has announced up to 70 percent discount on shoes during the ongoing Shikhar Winter Sale Mela organised by Shikar Shoes at Bhirkutimandap. It has been providing shoes during the fair at factory price.

Two pairs of ladies shoes which cost Rs 500 per pair in the market, are being sold at just Rs 200 in the fair. Similarly, school shoes which normally costs Rs 1300 is available at Rs 500 in the stalls.

Likewise, casual shoes which cost Rs 700 in the market are available at Rs 400 while sports shoes which cost between Rs 1500 – Rs 2500 are priced at Rs 1000 at the fair.

The fair will run till January 20. 


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