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Skill Share Event from January 31

January 25, 2018: Clock b Innovations along with Daaqi Pvt Ltd will jointly organise Skill Share series from January 31, 2018. The first session of the Skill Share event will feature Ranjit Acharya, CEO of Prisma Advertising, who will share skills and experience about ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’. The session will focus on topics including framing the entrepreneurial challenges, building bestselling products and services and disrupting the rules of the game.

Registration : Participants can register online by visiting Since there are only 25 seats available, registration would be based on first come first serve basis.
Venue :  Kaffe Codes, Central Business Park, Kathmandu
Entry Fees : 300/ Incl. Tea or Coffee
Benefits to Attendees
1.       Share or Learn different market and life skills
2.       Networking Opportunities
3.       Ask questions, share ideas and make business connections
4.       Promote your products, company and even yourselves
5.      Learn important strategies about different sectors and topics

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