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Play safe and healthy holi


  1. Cover maximum part of your body with full sleeved clothes and trousers.
  2. Use oil such as (mustard oil, coconut oil ,olive oil, castor oil,  etc.) or vaseline all over your entire body . It will help  remove the colors easily.
  3. Use waterproof sunscreen.
  4. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses.
  5. Do not wear contact lenses.
  6. Use warm water and soap to wash off color.
  7. Avoid using kerosene, petrol and spirits to remove stains.
  8. Be gentle when you apply colors on others.
  9. Close your eyes and mouth when someone puts color on your face.
  10. Avoid wasting too much water. Do not use unclean water.
  11. Avoid using artificial colors.
  12.  Avoid throwing water balloons and plastic packets as they may injure someone.
  13. Do not put color on street animals and pets
  14. Play holi only with a group of close friends and relatives.
  15. Avoid over indulgence in bhang and drinks.


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