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National Industrial Exhibition 2074 in Chitwan

March 16, 2018: Chiwan Industrial Association is all set to organise the 5th National Industrial Exhibition, 2074 in collaboration with Confederation of Nepalese Industry (CNI). The five-day event is scheduled to be held from April 6 to 10 in Bharatpur, Chitwan.

The exhibition aims to promote local industry and local products of the country. Unlike other trade-based or import-based exhibition, this fair features products made in the domestic market with the theme 'Industrial Exhibition for Sustainable Economic Development'. The association has been organizing such exhibitions in every two years since 2011.

There will be more than 250 stalls during the exhibition showcasing industrial machineries and technologies, electrical and electronic equipment, construction materials and plastic products, fishery and poultry products, alternative power production/bio production, furniture products, clay products, fast food and drinks, handicrafts and entertaining materials, wood and furniture products, new and modern production technology, veterinary and agricultural medicines, agricultural equipment.


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