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IME Remit Announces New Year Scheme

March 25, 2018: IME Limited has announced new scheme targeting the upcoming New Year 2075. The company brought the 'Naya Barsa ko Bahar, IME Garda Upaharai Upahar' scheme for three months effective from March 15 to June 14. Under the scheme, the customers sending money through IME from abroad can get subscription of Dish Home in 'weekly lucky draw', smart phones in 'monthly lucky draw', and 42-inch LED as 'bumper prize’.

Likewise Malaysia based Riya IME has also announced 'New Year Bonanza' scheme on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2075. The scheme will be valid from March 20 to April 30. Under the scheme, the customers sending money through Riya IME of Malaysia will win smartphones fortnightly and 32-inch LED TV at the end of the month.

Kiran kumar writes

Thank you somuch IME bank.

Kamal budha kanchho writes

Ime ले गर्दा हामी ल्लै अझै सहज भयको छ धन्यवाद ime ग्रुप लाइ


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