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BandZilla Musician Networking

If you sing, play instruments or produce music and can’t seem to connect with the right Musicians… Bandzilla is for you!  

Why is Bandzilla so awesome? It’s created by musicians for musicians!

Bandzilla is igniting the musical revolution by connecting people all over the world to make music together. You can create bands in your local neighborhood or overseas through our interactive app.

If you already have a band and are not looking for new members, you can use Bandzilla to promote your music to a larger audience of fans and industry executives. You can promote your gigs and events easily by uploading video, images including your flyers and performance pics and announce where you’ll be playing.

Some of the cool features include:

- Chatting with other musicians
- Sharing videos and photos
- Creating a band with members anywhere in the world
- Join existing bands
- Plan for gigs, jams or concerts
- Follow other bands
- Upload your music

Bandzilla is an app to find musicians, meet musicians, Its a great free Android app for musicians.

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