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Nepal Ambulance Service Introduces Viber Hotline for Faster Emergency Response

June 15, 2018: Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS), a non-profit initiative dedicated to establishing emergency medical response systems in the country, has announced to provide service through Viber.

NAS said it operates with fully equipped and staffed ambulances via a central dispatch facility, to ensure rapid transport and treatment for individual patients.

NAS can be reached either through the emergency number 102 of Nepal Telecom through PSTN or mobile. 

With the rapid growth of Internet and smartphones in the country, NAS is now connected 24/7 through Viber hotline 9801115102. Hospitals or individual patients who need an ambulance service can be reached through Viber by calling or messaging the Viber number 9801115102.

"With over 7 million registered users in Nepal, we are happy to introduce this Viber Hotline to help our users in need of urgent medical attention. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to come in and support the local communities," said Anubhav Nayyar, head of business development, Southeast Asia at Viber.

"It will now be easier for us to be more connected, especially to patients in low mobile network coverage areas. Moreover, we look forward to Viber’s partnership with NAS in the future to bring more value-added services to the people of Nepal," said another official at NAS.

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