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Prabhu TV
June 19, 2017: Prabhu Group has started the broadcasting of Prabhu TV based on high quality digital broadcasting (DVB T2) technology from Sunday, June 17.
DVB T2 wireless platform will distribute digital signals from PRABHU TV broadcast stations and international TV channels to TV viewers across the country. With the purchase of one of Prabhu TV's authorized set top boxes and a simple antenna, TV viewers will have access to all local broadcast TV outlets. Additionally, an array of International TV channels (both SD and HD) and specialty programs will be accessible for a minimal fee.
The channel is available in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara in the initial phase. The group is preparing to extend the service in other places as well.


Raja Ram sulu writes

I want to put prabhu T.V. chanel in my home


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