Offline map of Nepal with offline search feature

My Map provides an offline map of Nepal with offline search feature to search for your favorite place and share locations and places with your friends and family. Explore new places, never get afraid of getting lost. Share other people where you are going and where the party is. Invite others, share locations. If you are a traveler and an adventure seeking person, then this is a must have application for you. With map data provided by the OpenStreetMap(OSM), we grow everyday and we contribute everyday to make the maps more better and more detailed.

With features like:
1. Fully offline map of Nepal, save all those data-connection charges.
2. Offline search, yes fully offline
3. Bookmark you favorite place for later references
4. Share places and locations with friends and family. Let them know where you actually are.
5. Contributing to the OSM community to make a better map for Nepal.

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