International travel series comes to Nepal

International travel series comes to Nepal

We all dream of traveling the world with our family. One family decided not to dream anymore but to DO IT and to SHARE IT, through a series of online videos!

Parents of a 6 year old girl, were convinced that bringing children traveling is  a  great  investment  in  their  education  and  future.  As  they  discover  other cultures, and meet the friendly locals they hope to develop childrens curiosity and tolerance. They also aim to show parents how much fun it can be to travel with kids , and how easy it is when using Micro scooters.

After our successful  pilot series in Vietnam, they are now filming ‘The Kid Trotter‘ in 10 countries in 2016. Now they are fliming in Nepal.

Why is this series unique?

  • The family travels the world on push Micro scooters ( yes scooters … that was no typo ! )
  • Unlike many travel series The Kid trotter is fun ( fast moving, short and interesting each episode is edited with catchy bubbly music )
  • It is professionally filmed and produced by the family in both english and french.
  • It is produced with love : ) to teach other families how enriching, educational & fun travel can be.

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