Ncell Increases Loan Amount as Relief for Flood Victims

August 15: In the wake of the recent floods, Ncell has increased its loan amount to help its customers contact their loved ones in the flood-affected areas of the country. It has also announced to provide balance transfer free of cost. Issuing a press statement, Ncell informed that its customers can enjoy loan amount of Rs 60 during this emergency situation instead of the regular Rs 40 during normal times. This emergency offer is valid up to Tuesday, August 15. The loan will be provided at the same rate of Rs 2.51 and the customers will not be charged any extra amount, informed Ncell. Ncell customers can contact any network for phone calls, SMS or use internet service through the loan amount. Ncell has also introduced a toll free number, 9008, to help the flood victims to convey their messages to their family and relatives. Under this service, Ncell users in the flood-hit areas can dial the number and leave their message to the operator at the call center to deliver it to their lov