Changu Narayan temple

Changu Narayan temple is considered as the oldest temple in the history of Nepal.It remains a milestone in Nepali temple architecture with rich embossed works. It is about 22 km east of Kathmandu and a about 7 km north of Bhaktapur.

The temple is surrounded by sculptures and arts related to Lord Vishnu.There are four entrances to the temple and these gates are guarded by life size pairs of animals such as lions, sarabhas, graffins and elephants on each side of the entrances.

On the main entrance gate (i.e. western entrance gate), we can find the Chakra, Sankha, Kamal and Khadga all at the top of a stone pillar. These stone pillars has inscription in Sanskrit. This inscription is considered to be the oldest inscription of Nepal and the stone inscription pillar was erected by Lichhavi King Manadeva in 464 AD.