Easy Care Mobile to Replace Broken Screen Free of Cost

June 3, 2018: Easy Mobile Care Pvt Ltd, which provides all kinds of mobile services under a single roof at Tamrakar Complex, has introduced 'mobile assurance' service for damaged mobile screen in Nepal.
The company announced the service to facilitate its customers in replacing damaged screen display of smartphones free of cost.
Under the scheme, the display screen of any mobile brand can be replaced at any of the outlets of Easy Mobile Care provided that the users have activated this service. The customers have to activate this service within one month after the purchase of new phones. The company is planning to implement this service for old phones as well in the next phase.
The company  will change the display of smartphones of its customers at free within one year of activating this service, for which the users need to fill up a form with their personal details at the outlets of Easy Mobile Care.
At present, the service is available only in Kathmandu valley. One can access the service through toll free number- 16600122999.
The company has also been delivering smart phones in monthly installment with down-payment of just Re 1.