Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s promotional offer in Kathmandu-Bangkok-Kathmandu route.

Jan 26, 2019: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), the national flag- carrier, has come up with a promotional offer scheme in Kathmandu-Bangkok-Kathmandu route. 
Under the ‘one free ticket for group of five’ scheme, one ticket is available free in a group of five passengers. The three-month scheme will come into effect from the beginning of February, said NAC assistant spokesperson Nawaraj Koirala. The scheme aims to promote tourism and trade as well. 
This scheme was launched based on the need. "Increasing trade is the main objective. As it is also the season to draw tourists from this region, such offer is brought," he added. 
With this special offer coming into effect, one needs to pay Rs 12,000 excluding tax as air fare for Kathmandu-Bangkok flight. The NAC has been conducting this flight for three days in a week- Monday, Thursday and Friday. 
NAC has two wide body aircrafts, two narrow body aircrafts and a Boeing.