Nepal TaxExpert System-TAXpert

TAXpert is an Android based mobile application which helps to find out Expert Tax Solution at any time for any tax related problems from your location.

TAXpert consists of following features:

a) Solve your Tax Queries :
Taxpert helps to solve your tax queries with expert solution.

b) Biz News:
Read business news of different News Portal of Nepal.

c) Salary Tax Calculator:
It calculates salary tax of employees.

d) TDS calculator:
It helps to calculate TDS amount on payment

e) Notification about Due Date:
Notification about due date of Tax and VAT repayment and filing of return.

f) Downloads:
You can also find important Tax Documents, Formats, Circulars, Directives and Many more from Download Section.

g) Notice Board:
Notify about the latest decision and notice related to tax issues.

h) Ask Tax Expert:
You can ask Tax Expert directly to solve your tax related problems.