Nepal Telecom’s Namaste Credit service

April 1, 2018: Nepal Telecom has launched Namaste Credit service, also called as Loan Sapati service. 
It is intended to provide service continuation even if Nepal Telecom mobile customer is having low balance or is out of balance. Currently Nepal Telecom Prepaid customers will be provided CREDIT facility to continue their important communication through Voice, Data or SMS. There is no any extra charge associated with this service.
If you are using Nepal Telecom SIM for at least 3 months and if you are a loyal customer of Nepal Telecom, the service will be automatically activated.Please make sure you are using Nepal Telecom SIM/RUIM frequently as the more Nepal Telecom's mobile service you use, the more credit limit you get.
"Please stay connected to NT network for maximum benefit from this service"
• Subscribers only incur debt based on their used credit.
• Payment of debt shall be taken from next top-up. 
• Partial recovery in cases where top-up is less than total debt. Threshold is at 60%
• SMS shortcode of Namaste credit is 1477