Nepal to Measure Height of Everest on its own

December 24,2017: Nepal is measuring the height of Mount Everest – the world’s highest peak – on its own for the first time. According to the Department of Survey (DoS), all the preparation has been completed to measure the height of Everest.

The department claims that it is also requesting the Chinese government for GPS and gravity survey in the northern side of Everest, to make the measuring more accurate.

Anil Marasini, director and information officer at the department, said that the cost of measuring the height of Everest may cross Rs 250 million. But, for this task, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), has allocated only Rs 20 million in the current fiscal year.

Marasini said that the department is measuring the height of Everest as per the suggestion of a conference on ‘Height of Mount Everest’ held in Kathmandu last week (third week of December). The conference saw the participation of experts from countries like Japan, the United States of America, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Italy, among others.

“Nepali experts and technicians will measure the height. If needed, we will ask help from the international experts. The survey will be done by Nepal itself,” Marasini said.