Nepali Products in International Expo

May 9, 2016: Nepal The Collection Pvt Ltd is going to participate in the international expo to be held in Affordable Shopping Destination (ASD) Market, Las Vegas. The company has already appeared in three previous editions of the expo.

“Nepali products like handicrafts, pashmina, silver jewelries, organic products, thangka, wooden crafts,  garments and many others will be showcased in the expo utilizing the recent tariff free access policy announced by the US government in certain Nepali  products,” informs  Juni Bajracharya, Representative of ASD for Nepal. In the exhibition, customers will also pay or the price of handicraft products, their design and concepts.

Nepali stalls are expected to be visited by more than 40 thousand visitors. “Nepali businessmen living in US will also buy product sample for prospective orders,” informs Bajracharya. The expo will also help entrepreneurs to find the importers. The fair which has been running since 55 years will host the participants of 95 countries. 2,700 companies will be participating in the expo that will have more than 45,000 stalls.

According to entrepreneurs, Nepali products are liked by buyers from different countries with the demand of handmade products increasing particularly.  “It will be good if Nepali exporters can maintain the quality of their products,” says Stephen Styagaliyano, International Business Development Manager of ASD expo. “Although the market of Chinese products is better in the wholesale market, Nepal is still number one in art and craft design,” he mentions, adding, “The interest of buyers is inclined towards the handmade products rather than machine made ones.”

According to Nepal The Collection, which had put two, three and five stalls in first, second and third editions of the expo respectively, the participation of more than twenty Nepali entrepreneurs has been fixed. In this edition of the expo, Nepal will have 1o stalls.