NT revises FTTH Data Package Rates

June 16, 2016: Nepal Telecom has modified its existing tariff rates of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) data packages. The company has introduced this scheme aiming to increase maximum data consumption.
The service provider has unveiled different tariff rates of the data packages effective from June 17.

As per the new scheme, 10 mbps bandwidth with 120 GB volume has been priced Rs 5,160 for three month, 250 GB volume at Rs 9,120 for six month and 600GB volume at Rs 18,240 for one year. Similarly, 100 mbps with 600 GB can be purchased at Rs 23,040 for one year.After the expiry of the package, customer can use internet at normal speed of 192 kbps till they purchase the next package.

Similarly, the company has also modified CPE rates.The new rates for the three month package and six month package are pegged at Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively. As per the company, customers purchasing the one year data package will get free equipment. Customers will get optical fiber free of cost up to 100 meters for the installation of FTTH. Beyond 100 meters, the company charges Rs 20 per meter.