Thegana : electronic address for everyone

Thegana Services (Thegana) is a new address system that solves the problem of explaining complex addresses in Nepal. With a mobile platform on Android and iOS, Thegana is rapidly building an ecosystem of individual, businesses and governments that are using the new format to communicate addresses for a number of reasons.
Thegana can fundamentally change how a number of businesses that rely on addresses and supply chain information will operate and scale their operations. It will change how all of us, at a subliminal level will think about location and not worry about getting to places in the absence of local knowledge.
The main goal of "Thegana" is to provide everyone with an electronic address. "Thegana" code is more accurate than the existing physical street address. This means people can pinpoint a specific location anywhere in Nepal and communicate with it more quickly and easily than any other method. One of the key features of "Thegana" App is that it works offline.