YouTube Channels that will help you to prepare for IELTS


This is one of the best channels to not just for IELTS but to learn English. There are 11 teachers and more than 900 lessons.



This channel has free IELTS preparation video lessons contain tips, techniques and practice for IELTS test. This channel is hosted by qualified teacher from the UK.


IELTS Official

This is the IELTS Official YouTube channel.Need we say more?



This channel outlines what a student must do to achieve their maximum score on the written portion of the IELTS exam.



This channel helps you to practice IELTS Speaking.


IELTS Speaking Tips

On this channel, you can find useful tips for the IELTS Speaking test. The videos will give you vocabulary tips, grammar tips, effective strategies, advice for improving your fluency, and more.




This channel is about General IELTS. They are dedicated to helping people worldwide pass the IELTS exam and realize their dreams of working and living abroad.