Yatri Motorcycles’ Ongoing Battle to Register Home-Grown Vehicles in Nepal

Yatri Motorcycles, a Nepalese electric motorcycle manufacturer, is struggling to register its home-grown vehicles due to outdated policies. Yatri was established in 2017 with a mission to develop performance-focused electric vehicles in Nepal.

After obtaining a permission to build its own chassis from the Department of Transport Management (DOTM), Yatri developed a pre-production unit of its P-1 model and passed all the Roadworthiness Tests in November 2021. However, the company is unable to register the bike due to outdated regulations requiring a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inscribed on the chassis and Engine Number. While there is no authority to regulate the VIN in Nepal, Yatri applied to SAE USA, which awarded it the first VIN code for Nepal. Despite the inclusion of registration for ‘Made in Nepal’ vehicles in the Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act 2075, the Vehicle Registration Office has been unable to register Yatri’s vehicles.

The company has provided feedback in the formulation of an 85-page Directive to govern the registration of Nepal-made motor vehicles, but the government has yet to approve it. The situation has caused frustration among Yatri’s users and led to the halt of its production.